5 Incredible Places In The World To Go For A Run

It can be a little bit painful to get started if it’s not already your thing. But broadly speaking, running is awesome. It’s a good way to get outside, get some exercise, and perhaps best of all explore new areas (in what’s really a surprisingly intimate way). Special or more exclusive trails can be a little more difficult to run, but it’s usually worth it for the experience. I wanted to speak to that idea a little further in this piece by looking at some of the most incredible places in the world to go for a run.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California is one of the most famous and iconic bridges in the world. Stretching across the San Francisco Bay from the city itself to a collection of state and natural parks, it’s a sight most people recognize, and a true engineering marvel. As it happens, it’s also a completely manageable run! One person who’s made the run was kind enough to write up a guide to the experience, and noted that the bridge is 1.7 miles across one way, and not too crowded (though the midday crowds increase). One recommendation would be to run from the city across the bridge, spend some time walking around the parks, and then run back.

2. Table Mountain

Much is made about the hike up to the top of Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. It could reasonably be called one of the more beautiful views in the world. What many don’t realize however is that there are additional hiking and running trails once you get to the top. Some of them are a little bit rugged and challenging, but if you like to run in new places there aren’t many options that beat a jog with Cape Town and the surrounding waters sprawled out beneath you.

3. The Great Wall Of China

Not much needs to be said about how cool it would be to run along the Great Wall Of China. Not only is the structure itself incredible, but for much of it the surrounding land on either side is gorgeous. Be warned though, it’s not all a smooth, rolling trail. The Wall is in various states of disrepair, and wasn’t made in a uniform construction project either. A recent online post describing its origin (and that of a few other major world landmarks) pointed out that rulers would often add their own legacy to the construction. This means that up close it’s not as planned and orderly as it might look, and different areas can present terrain challenges. Still, it’s one heck of a run.

4. Appia Antica

This is an idea I’m borrowing from another blog post, because I just had to look up some of the best runs in Rome. Europe is full of cities with ancient histories, but few places have maintained ancient structures and areas quite like Rome. The idea of jogging through and around these structures is simply intoxicating. Said blog post looked at the best places to run in Rome and pointed to Appia Antica as a chance to “run through ancient Rome.” While there were also ideas for running through nearby natural beauty or even Vatican City, this 6.75-mile route has been in use since before the Colosseum was built; it is itself historic, and takes you past other historical sights.

5. Mount Fuji

No, you can’t run up Mount Fuji, or at least it isn’t advisable. But suffice it to say there is a marathon around the base of the mountain every year, and the trail is an incredible one to run even if you’re not doing so officially. This may well be the world’s most famous mountain behind Everest, and possibly Olympus (which does exist), and running in its proverbial shadow would be an unforgettable experience.