Prepping Your Smartphone for Your Next Expedition

Before the invention of the smartphone, people with little to no mountaineering experience feared the great outdoors because they didn’t have the boy scout instinct or didn’t spend nearly enough time with nature. But with advanced smartphone technology, novice adventurers are much more confident in their expeditions, which is pretty evident at least in the UK where their £20 billion outdoor economy represents 1.6% of the GDP, as told by the BMC. Much of the improvements in smartphone functions, such as GPS tracking and mobile communications, is largely attributed to the development in the mobile gaming sector. The growth in gaming apps, which currently account for more than 50% of mobile usage according to the company managing the Pocket Fruity brand, facilitated the increase the number of global smartphone users. With more smartphone owners came more apps and state-of-the-art mobile capabilities, giving people more reason to use their phones for activities other than entertainment, such as outdoor sports. For your next big adventure, it’s imperative that you take advantage of your phone and pack it with all the necessary apps to ensure a safe and amazing trip. Here are a few to get you started: Climbing Grade Converter Grading systems vary from region to region and can be a hassle to deal with for rock climbers. Climbing Grade Converter is a simple, free tool that allows users to convert between 16 different grading systems to provide you a clearer understanding of the difficulty level of climbs all over the world.screen568x568[1]

Mountain Project Presented to you by Black Diamond, the leader in sports gear and apparel, Mountain Project is an all inclusive guidebook with more than 110,000 routes in its arsenal. Track your own trips with photos, notes and ticks to be shared with fellow outdoorsy people. Maps and guides are also available offline so that you’re never lost even when you’re off the grid.screen322x572[1]

MyClimb Similar to Mountain Project, MyClimb is an online community for thrillseekers, mainly for climbers. Other than outdoor climbing locations, this app also has information on gyms that have climbing walls.screen322x572[1]

Whatever climbs you are making, remember to be smart, safe and continuously push your grade in the knowledge that it will almost always be fun, although often only in hindsight if your climbs should be located towards the more northerly end of the UK.