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The Lowe Alpine Ascent Superlight 30

The Lowe Alpine Superlight 30 from Ascent series may just be my new favourite rucksack.

Let me start by saying there is no traditional lid, a low pack space at 30L, and very few other features. But let me tell you, this bag packs an absolutely punch, well above its weight in the class. Compared with other bags in the same category, it’s the cheapest, and yet in many ways, it’s by far the best.

I’ve done a 10 minute video on this little rucksack which explains almost everything I like, but before you watch, let me just explain a few things. I’m looking at this rucksack purely as a very light, single day alpinism bag which has to work perfectly as a speedriding/speedflying backpack.

For a bag to be compatible with flying, it has to be super slick. The fewer features there are on the bag, the less stuff there is to get caught in the wing lines. If it retains its form even when empty, as the Superlight does, it greatly reduces the swing weight too. And lastly for flying, the bag has to hug the user perfectly whilst sitting underneath a flying harness. As you’ll see, the Superlight 30 does this to perfection.

But what about for pure mountain adventures void of flying? Well, this bag has you covered. Superlight, literally. It’s weather proof fabric is fantastic for the walk in. The shoulder straps are the comfiest I’ve ever used, even when the bag is fully loaded. There are just the right amount of features to perfectly stow axes, ropes and all your day alpine kit with just the right amount of space.

And finally, my favourite feature? The waist strap completely detaches from the rucksack meaning on singletrack bike rides, chimney climbs, or mountain top flights, you have the absolute minimum of faff. No straps getting caught in the spokes/crack/risers. #MOVEYOURWORLD with the Lowe Alpine Superlight 30.

*And it’s pronounced ‘Lo’ Alpine. Not ‘Lowy’ Alpine, as you’ll hear all through this vlog!