Dare to Dream (Book)


Dare to Dream is my first book which focuses upon the 2012 season on Everest and the journey which led to the roof of the world.

At first Dare to Dream was published only as a Kindle e-book, however after selling around 5,000 copies in the first month of sale, I thought it might be worth going the full distance and publishing Dare to Dream as a physical book, which is one of the most frustrating yet equally rewarding digital processes available. In writing Dare to Dream, the constant typing of well in excess of 100,000 words spread over some 300 pages took its toll on one laptop keyboard and a desktop computer, however it was the publishing process which certainly took its toll, with 5 months being spent doing a full redesign of the book to make the book suitable for print which included countless revisions, crash courses in most of the Adobe Creative Suite, and various headaches from file formats, paper colour, weight and size, to book printing and trimming.

In February 2015, almost 2 years since the book was first launched on Kindle, I received the final proof copies of the first edition of Dare to Dream which marked a significant milestone in a long creative process.

If you would like a signed copy, please contact me via the contact page to get further details.

Dare To Dream is now available in both paperback and in Kindle format from Amazon, find it by clicking here.


Dare to Dream


Mountain (2017 Film)


Mountain is a stunning film by Dogwoof who have taken direction from Jennifer Peedom, written words by Robert Macdarlane, and spoken words by Willem Dafoe. The film explore the astonishing nature of mountains around the world, their impact on humanity, and how humans have tried to achieve feats of near impossibility.

I had the privilege of interviewing Robert prior to the UK premiere of the film in Oxford, UK. The interview was filmed by Dogwoof and has been added to the DVD release of the film.

Mountain focusses on many aspects of mountaineering and mountains in general, however payed particular attention to the commercilisation of Everest in a very positve way, bringing attention to some of what happens on the worlds highest mountain. Some scenes from my expedition on Everest in 2012 are shown in the film to hilight this.

Mountain is an incredible visual experience, exceptionally cinematic, and with such an impressive soundtrack from The Australian Chamber Orchestra, is definitely something every lover of film, mountains or the outdoors in general can appreciate. If you woud like a copy of the film, you can purchase Mountain 2017 here.


Mountain (2017)