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21-year old tackles Baruntse and Everest for clean water and climate change Article featured on Climb For Change: http://www.climbforchange.com/blog/2011-10-02/21-year-old-tackles-baruntse-and-everest-clean-water-and-climate-change

While many 21-year old guys are in the process of figuring out where they’re going in life, here’s a young man who has figured out his direction – up! Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton, is aiming to become one of the youngest Britons to climb the highest mountain on earth.  And if that’s not enough, Matthew is also climbing to raise funds and awareness for two causes that are very close to his heart. “Expeditions such as these form a great platform to promote and raise awareness for my two chosen causes” says Matthew.  His causes? 1.    Providing nearly 1000 children in 3rd world countries with access to safe drinking water for the next 20 years, and 2.    Supporting a new online tool designed to lower the human influence of climate change through carbon offsetting. “Both these causes are very close to my heart” says Matthew.  “Coming from a background of elite sports performance with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, the ability to rehydrate and stay hydrated is of upmost performance for athletes, however over 1 billion people in the world lack access to safe water, and the resources to access it.” Matthew intends to do his part by raising £8,848, £1 for each meter climbed on Everest for his charity of choice, Global Angels. “About 4,500 children die each day from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation facilities,” says Matthew, “however, this is easily preventable through long term solutions provided by Global Angels.” Matthew goes on to share his second cause: “As a mountaineer, aside from the necessity of water, I am also very aware that the environments frequented by climbers are some of the most beautiful yet fragile ecosystems on the planet. The ability to conserve these environments for future generations is the sole aim of Climate Unchange, and so it is a great privilege to be an ambassador.”


Unlike many who pit themselves against Everest with very little high altitude experience, let alone mountaineering experience, Matthew is taking all the right steps. In addition to many years of training and preparations in the mountains, Matthew is setting out next month to climb the 7,129m Baruntse in Nepal.  He’s also launched a pretty cool website and blog which he will use to communicate throughout his journey. Any final words from Matthew before he sets off? “Whilst it is important to have your own personal reasons for attempting such challenges, I hope to find strength in knowing that my expeditions are making a difference. No matter how small, if I can help Global Angels achieve their quest to provide water to every child on the planet who lacks it, and raise vital awareness for Climate Unchange and their global mission, I will have achieved a climb for change.” Indeed. Thank you Matthew for taking on such an important initiative, which no doubt will inspire and impact many lives in ways we yet do not know. Climb on. Climb for change. For more detail and to follow Matthew’s journey, check out his websites: http://www.matthewdthornton.com https://www.matthewdthornton.com/blog

Location: United Kingdom