Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton: Profile


Matthew was introduced to climbing when he was 7 years old, through a trip to the UK Lake District, however for many years, competed in squash at national level. Squash gave a good grounding for elite level training and performance, and has taught Matthew that even when you lose, you fight on and aim to put in 100% to achieve a goal.

In 2008 Matthew commenced his 3 year degree in Nottingham, and at this point decided to try to pursue squash professionally. This involved gruelling training days often comprising 2, but occasionally 3, sessions daily whilst trying to keep on top of studying. As a junior squash player, Matthew competed regularly in national junior tournaments such as the British Open and British Nationals, up to the age of 19. At this time, managing to reach the top 50 in the country, he became a member of NAGTY and NTU STARS (the university programme for elite athletes). Having played for many national leagues including North-West league, Lincolnshire league, Nottinghamshire League, and Midlands League, Matthew was a sponsored athlete for Harrow Sports as a coach and squash professional.

Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton

In the 3rd year of university, Matthew made a difficult decision after living in the French Alps for 3 months during the summer break of 2010. After having spent the summer able to regularly climb, run and mountain bike daily on the downhill world cup run in Morzine, Matthew decided that he was physically and mentally prepared to take on the challenge of training and fundraising, to ultimately climb Mount Everest.

Since that first climbing trip aged 7, Matthew has completed many climbs both in the UK (specialising in Scottish winter ascents), and in the French and Austrian Alps. More recently, Matthew has been on a number of expeditions to climb some of the world's highest mountains including to the remote Gorno-Badakhshan region of the Kyrgyzstan Pamirs and to the Nepalese Himalayas which included a successful ascent of Everest in 2012 as part of the youngest team to climb the mountain.

Matthew is currently focusing on a number of modern fast & light expeditions and objectives in Europe and the Himalayas.

Matthew supports Global Angels, a charity dedicated to children around the world who are in need of aid. Matthew specifically supports the Global Angles water foundation, which aims to give the opportunity of fresh, clean drinking water to every child on the planet. To find out more about their work with Matthew, please visit the Global Angels website.