Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton: Speaker


Matthew is an engaging and entertaining freelance motivational speaker. Citing previous success on Everest in 2012 and continued success combining mountaineering with flight, Matthew continues to deliver fascinating presentations tailored to each event. Previous talks have covered a breadth of topics ranging from the pure experience of climbing and flying from the worlds highest mountains, right down to the nitty gritty of idea generation and creativity to brand marketing and engagement. In addition to this, his versatile experience and speaking ability has allowed him to give presentations to diverse industries such as the satellite and aerospace industry where his experience of pioneering efforts in modern day mountaineering and cutting edge materials technology in the oil and gas industry makes a seamless transition.

Matthew has been fortunate enough to deliver presentations across Europe to many prestigious organisations including; The BBC, Boeing, Burberry, Marks & Spencer, Sky, Tesco, hibu and SES.

Currently, Matthew combines expeditions across the globe with his position as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. It is this experience which sets him aside from others in the field as Matthew shows not only how it is possible to combine a 'normal life' with expeditions to the most extreme environments on the planet, but also how lessons learnt and decisions made on the world's highest mountains such as the management of risk mirror those which shape modern day business in every aspect.

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Peter de Graaf. Senior Partner, Carnstone.
"I have only heard very positive things about your speech. I personally too thought it was fantastic."

Simon Gatty Saunt. Regional Vice President, SES.
"Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Prague to present at our customer event last week. The feedback we had from our customers for your presentation was very positive, so appreciate your contribution as it most certainly was one of the major contributing factors to the all round success of the event."

Mike Nutley. Director, Digital Doughnut/Communitize.
"I know your session was a high point for a lot of people - it certainly was for me. I spent a lot of the following weekend talking to my kids about it, poring over maps with them etc, which was a lot of fun."