4 Tips for Buying Your Next Car

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Are you wanting to buy a new car but unsure of what type of car to buy? Whilst there are no official figures on how many people buy the wrong vehicle, Churchill Expert found around a third of buyers regret their choice post purcahse. And Car Wow found around half of the motorists find purchasing a new car really stressful and are never sure if they’re making the right purchase for the right reasons.

So before you head out and buy a brand new car because it looks good, it’s in fashion, or you’ve always wanted one, you need to have a few things straight in your head so you can avoid being one of the 34% of people who experience car buyers regret.

What You Want The Car For

Why exactly you need a car and what you will be using it for should play a significant part in your decision. If you are only taking the kids to school and doing the occasional shopping trip or long drive, your needs will be extremely different than someone who uses their vehicle to head off the beaten track and explore the world around them. The same goes for those requiring a car that can cope with long motorway journeys. An ineos quartermaster will be a better choice for those who drive on different terrains and are often found out in nature exploring the country, while a Fiat 500 is ideal for people who are simply nipping around a city, and a BMW 5 Series is a great partner for those who spend a lot of time driving up and down the country on motorways.

What Can You Afford

How much you can afford each month for your car expenses should also play a factor in which car you choose. If you can afford to pay more upfront over the years, then a newer or nearly new car can be a good choice. But if you don’t mind the ongoing expense and need a lower-priced vehicle, then used cars will work better for you.

Find your budget for both the initial and ongoing costs of owning a car, and then you can identify which cars fall within that budget to narrow your search.

Take Test Drives

The last thing you should be doing is buying the first car you see or take for a spin. You want to take many test drives, especially if you have a shortlist of cars you’re interested in. This allows you to get a feel for the vehicle, how it drives, handles things, and, more importantly, how you feel about driving it. There is a massive difference between how perfect it is on paper and how perfect it is for you in real life. The best way to find the right car is to take those who fit your needs out onto the road to help you make your decision.

Research The Models and Manufacturer

Lastly, an excellent way to find the right car is to look at the different cars available within your price range that fit your requirements and what they have on offer. You can find a lot of information online, including car safety records, sales, common faults, reliability, costs of parts, frequency of repairs, and thoughts and feelings from previous or current owners.

If you take some time to do your research, you can make a more informed decision and be aware of precisely what you’re letting yourself in for once you become an owner.